Dear colleague,

27 Oct 1906


I am glad to hear that your Russian girl is a student; uneducated persons are at present too inaccessible for our purposes. The defecation story is nice and suggests numerous analogies [!]. [..] The third to fourth year is the most significant period for those sexual activities which late belong to the pathogenic ones. […] It is not unusual for babies to soil the hands of those who are carrying them. Why should that not have happened in her case? And this awakens a memory of the father’s caresses during her infancy. Infantile fixation of the libido on the father – the typical choice of object; anal autoerotism. […] It must be possible, by the symptoms and even by the character, to recognize anal excitation as a motivation. Such people often show typical combinations of character traits. They are extremely neat, stingy and obstinate, traits which are in a manner of speaking the sublimations of anal erotism. Cases like this based on repressed perversion can be analyzed very satisfactorily.

You see that you have not bored me in the least. I am delighted with your letters.

Sincerest regards,

Yours, Dr. Freud


* scrisoarea lui Jung este… ma rog, pe celalalt blog al meu. (pentru moment nu inteleg de ce nu pot introduce linkul ala nenorocit.)


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