haiku-urile promise (deci cele 17 silabe, 5-7-5), ale lui david m. bader, pe principiul: as an added benefit, when asked, “did you really get all the way through <war and peace>?” readers can now suavely reply, “no, but I read the haiku.”

s. beckett, “waiting for godot”

Act I. “it’s hopless.

My boots don’t fit. Where is God?”

Act II. The same thing.

h. james, “portrait of a lady”

Will she inherit?

Which suitor will she marry?

When will tea be served?

d. defoe, “robinson crusoe”

Alone for twelve years,

then a footprint in the sand.

Thank God! A servant!

g. chaucer, “the canterbury tales”

Pilgrimmes on spryng braecke –

roadde trippe! Whoe farrtted? Yiuw didde.

Noe, naught meae. Yaes, yiuw.


* iar la finalul introducerii, […] one hundred haiku, designed to be read and enjoyed without interfering with anyone’s weekend plans. at the end, there will not be a quiz.

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