“because we don’t want to die”

„lista lui barthes” e probabil la fel de faimoasă ca chestionarul lui proust.

j’aime, je n’aime pas – I like, I don’t like

I like: salad, cinnamon, cheese, pimento, marzipan, the smell of new-cut hay (why doesn’t someone with a “nose” make such a perfume), roses, peonies, lavender, champagne, loosely political convictions, glenn gould, too-cold beer, flat pillows, toast, havana cigars, handel, slow walks, pears, white peaches, cherries, colors, watches, all kinds of writing pens, desserts, unrefined salt, realistic novels, the piano, coffee, pollock, twombly, all romantic music, sartre, brecht, verne, fourier, eisenstein, trains, médoc wine, having change, bouvard and pécuchet, walking in sandals on the lanes of southwest france, the bend of the adour seen from doctor l.’s house, the marx brothers, the mountains at seven in the morning leaving salamanca, etc.

I don’t like: white pomeranians, women in slacks, geraniums, strawberries, the hapsichord, miró, tautologies, animated cartoons, arthur rubinstein, villas, the afternoon, satie, bartók, vivaldi, telephoning, children’s choruses, chopin’s concertos, burgundian branles and renaissance dances, the organ, marc-antoine charpentier, his trumpets and kettledrums, the politico-sexual, scenes, initiatives, fidelity, spontaneity evenings with people I don’t know, etc.

I like, I don’t like: this is of no importance to anyone; this, apparently, has no meaning. And yet all this means: my body is not the same as yours. hence, in this anarchic foam of tastes and distastes, a kind of listless blur, gradually appears the figure of a bodily enigma, requiring complicity or irritation. here begins the intimidation of the body, which obliges others to endure  me liberally, to remain silent and polite confronted by pleasures or rejections which they do not share.

(a fly bothers me, I kill it: you kill what bothers you. if I had not killed the fly, it would have been out of pure liberalism: I am liberal in order not to be a killer.)

(”roland barthes by roland barthes” [1975], university of california press, 1994, p. 116-117)

și apropo de pian:

lista lui barthes apare și în ”the infinity of lists” a lui eco, p. 311.

aici un interviu cu eco despre liste și de ce ne plac ele – pentru că nu vrem să murim – și de ce nu completează și el o listă de tip barthes (în schimb include în carte liste din propriile romane…).


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