david m. bader a  scos o cărticică (pătrată) cu haiku-uri, from aristotle to zola, 100 great books in 17 syllables. unele chiar i-au ieșit bine:

The Canterbury Tales
Pilgrimmes on spryng braecke –
roadde trippe! Whoe farrtted? Yiuw didde.
Noe, naught me. Yaes, yiuw.

St. Augustine – The Confessions
This is just to say
I screwed around. Forgive me.
I enjoyed it so.

Samuel Richardson – Clarissa…
To Miss Howe: Send help!
I’ve been raped in Volume Six
with three more to go.

Robinson Crusoe
Alone for twelve years,
then a footprint in the sand.
Thank God! A servant!

Herodotus – The Histories
Go tell the Spartans –
the Persian hordes are fierce and
wear funny slippers.

Evelyn Waugh – Brideshead Revisited
Gay Anglo-Catholics –
what else to expect from a
man named Evelyn?

Balzac – Old Goriot
His two spoiled daughters –
they don’t write, they don’t visit.
This is gratitude?

Marquez – One Hundred Years of Solitude
Plagues, incest, madness,
human pig-children. Dios!
Where does the time go?

Thomas Hardy – The Mayor of Casterbridge
Undone by his past –
he once sold his wife and child.
Nobody’s perfect.

Joyce – Finnegans Wake
Riverrun on and
by Jaisus s’dense! Bien alors,


One response to “haiku

  • krissu

    Vrem parodia seriosa care incepe de la Baltagul in sus si toate celelalte directii! The crowd, ma rog, ieu, has speaketh!

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